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Why is the garage door opener remote not working?

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The most prevalent issues include a dead battery, body damage, receiver component failure, a broken GFI, and a lock button issue. If your garage door won’t open with the control, try resolving these five typical garage door remote difficulties to figure out what’s wrong and get your garage door back to working properly.        

A garage door opener with remote control is a convenient electrical device that allows customers to access the garage without having to open the door. It sends a remote infrared signal to a transmitter, which operates a valve opening and closing the garage door with an electric engine. Before a garage door control will function properly, it must be within the predetermined period of its IR signal-sending frequency. 

A transmitter may fail to control the automatic garage door opener for a myriad of reasons. The most important thing to remember is not to worry or become furious, as appliances routinely don’t work. Our article can provide immediate first assistance. If you’re not sure if this will help, call our garage door service for a more detailed diagnosis.

Common reasons why your garage door opener remote stop working

Find out why your garage door opener remote isn’t working and fix it.

Reason №1 – Dead battery 

A dead battery is perhaps the most basic issue with the garage door opener remote. Moreover, while utilizing rechargeable batteries is ecologically good and economically efficient in terms, they only provide about 1.2 volts, as compared to 1.5 volts from an alkaline battery. As a result, a controller supplied by two rechargeable batteries would only receive 2.4 volts when it was required to function on 3 volts. The remote unit’s capability and performance could be jeopardized by a 25% loss of power.

Reason №2 – Physical damage

Body damage is the second most common issue with the garage door opener remote. The effects are usually visible, although it might be hidden if anything has been spilled on the device or if it has been wet, for example. The same problem may be with the signal emitter. The signal emitter refers to the plastic covering that covers the IR unit on both the remote and the receiver device. It permits the IR signal to pass through. 

Reason №3 – Receiver component fail

The breakdown of the receiver component of the system is the third most prevalent issue with the garage door opener remote. If the transmitter still fails to run the machine, the receiver is most likely malfunctioning. Lightning or power surges are the most common causes of this part failure.

Reason №4 – Broken GFI

A broken Ground Fault Interpreter seems to be another important reason for your garage door opener remote not working. A GFI is in charge of safeguarding your property against potential shocks such as overheating. In the case of your garage door, a faulty GFI will usually stop it from working at all, or in certain versions, it may start using the backup battery. The reset button on the wall outlet correlating with your garage door can rapidly fix a broken GFI.

Reason №5 – Lock button issue

The fifth reason is the problem with the garage door opener remote lock button. You could accidentally push this key while going about your everyday business, and pressing hard the lock button will simply disengage the door lock. 

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How to fix the garage door opener remote?

Follow the solutions to get rid of the problem. You need to replace the batteries, clean the signal emitter, reset the remote, or call a specialist in any other cases.

Solution №1 – Make sure the new battery is completely charged 

Always choose the good alternative and make sure the new battery is completely charged when swapping them. This is a simple problem to fix while repairing the garage door opener, and most of the issues with the remote are caused by dead batteries, which are quick to replace.

Solution №2 – Make sure the receiver’s signal emitter is clear

The majority of distant signal emitters are composed of plastic, which, while scratch-resistant, can be destroyed if pushed against metal, scratchy fibers, or collapsed to the ground. Soft moist tissue can be used to wash them clean thus repairing the garage door opener.

Check the battery contacts as well. It might be hidden if anything has been spilled on the device or if it has been damp, for example. Before any battery can properly charge a remote, the circuits must be cleaned and polished if they are discolored, cracked, or wet. Fine-grit sandpaper, such as 400-grit one or fine steel wool, can be used to polish connections.

Solution №3 – Call the technician

A circuit board that is installed in the motor component of an automatic door opener should only be serviced by a trained technician. If you don’t want to be electrocuted, don’t try to fix the problem yourself.

Solution №4 – Press the Reset button

The reset button on the wall outlet correlating with your garage door can rapidly fix a broken GFI. When the garage door opener remote fails, it is another simple method that may alleviate your anxiety along with repairing the garage door opener.

Solution №5 – Make that the lock button on your garage door’s wall-mounted settings menu hasn’t been pressed.

After opening the door, push the open button on the panel to see how it works.

If your problem has not been listed above, or if you haven’t been able to solve it using the instructions provided, you can contact the Atlas Home Experts. As a result, it will be a lot more reliable, and you will be able to solve the problem without being nervous.

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