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Why is Freon leaking? How to fix your refrigerator

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In this article, we’ll look at the causes of Freon leaking and how to fix it. Experts identify the following reasons your refrigerator is leaking Freon:   

  • Refrigerator damage;
  • Hot products stored in the fridge;
  • Fridge damage after ice cleaning;
  • Refrigerator installed in the wrong position.

Freon is a type of refrigerant used in a fridge produced before 1995. You need to ensure that Freon does not leak out of the refrigerator. If Freon is leaking, it can affect the cooling rate of the fridge and your safety. Freon does not ignite, and its evaporation does not entail serious consequences for human health. However, the ingress of this refrigerant into a flame can form a gas that is fatal to humans. Its fumes can cause headaches, dizziness, shortness of breath, and other severe symptoms.

Work with Freon can only be done by a maintenance specialist who has a license to work with this refrigerant. So, you must call a professional specialist that has a permit and experience to work with Freon. However, if you need to solve this problem temporarily, we will give you some tips.

What is Freon?

Freon is a synthetic refrigerant that radiates heat. It was named Freon by DuPont. Freon is used in older refrigerators models to cool food. The refrigerant has a very high boiling point and thus can absorb heat in the liquid state and turn into a gas. Further, the requirement of the refrigerator itself is to make a liquid out of gas. Thus, it can be said that it is an odorless non-flammable gas.  

Freon leak signs: 

  • The smell of freshly cut grass near the refrigerator;
  • Appearing oil on the floor near the refrigerator;
  • The fridge’s motor is constantly running;
  • Your refrigerator does not cool food properly.
what is freon

Why might your refrigerator be leaking Freon?

As we have mentioned before experts identify the following reasons your refrigerator is leaking Freon:    

  • Refrigerator damage;
  • Hot products stored in the fridge;
  • Fridge damage after ice cleaning;
  • Refrigerator installed in the wrong position.

Usually, the problem with the flow of Freon in the refrigerator relates to the incorrect working of the system used to cool the liquid. This in turn could be due to an outdated system that has failed or a pipe puncture.

However, before proceeding with the elimination of Freon leaks, make sure that:

  • Condenser coils are not clogged with debris;
  • Refrigerator vents are clean;
  • The internal components of the refrigerator such as the thermostat are not damaged and are working properly;
  • The condenser fans operate without failure.

In the next paragraph, we will look at how you can try to fix a Freon leak in more detail.

How to fix Freon Leak?

To fix the Freon leak it is necessary to add a seat valve, get rid of the air, and use PAG oil when adding Freon to the system. Now follow our steps to solve your problem:

  • Add a seat valve

This valve should be on the large copper pipe coming out of the compressor. A seat valve is needed to pierce the pipe to allow access to add new refrigerant.

  • Get rid of the air

Use a vacuum pump to remove the system of air. You can rent it from a tool rental shop or buy it from a store that sells tools needed for repairs.

  • Add Freon to the system

Put the hose on the valve and fill the missing amount of refrigerant.

  • Use PAG oil

Add a few tablespoons of oil when adding Freon to the system. The amount of oil depends on your model and type of refrigerator. To find out exactly how much oil you need, read the instructions for your refrigerator.

If you need to repair a refrigerator leaking Freon you can call a household appliance repair service. This work is complex and requires experience, skills, and a sophisticated equipment permit to work with Freon.

freon leak

Call the professional craftsman

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