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Why does your electric stove burner won’t heat?

electric stove repair

Generally, electric stove breakages can be classified into several types, which can be easily explained by the common roots of the problems. One of the most common reasons for various breakages is that people don’t read the manuals and exploit the appliance incorrectly and also other technical reasons. But of course, apart from people who don’t read the manuals, there are a lot of other issues. There are several reasons for electric stove burner breakages which lead to their repair:

  • Breaking of the internal contacts. The reason may be the melting of the wires or the weak fixation in the wall. There is no contact of the supply wire with the lighting system – check the button responsible for the backlight turning on. If it breaks, you need to replace it. A light bulb can probably burn out – it is protected from high temperatures, but it is so arranged that it can often burn out from the slightest voltage drop.
  • Terminal block issues. There may be malfunctions inside the equipment. It is necessary to check if the wiring is tested for charred and black areas.
  • Electric stove burner spiral burned out. In case of a panel breakage, check the power switch and its contacts.
  • Heat protection activated. Sometimes the reason why your electric stove will constantly turn off is the built-in heat protection.

Tips to repair electric stove burner

To say from the start, a key to solving each issue is a proper diagnostic. It concerns not only stove repair but any other home amenity, from fridge to dishwasher. So, what are the right subsequence of actions in this case:

  • Voltage checks out. First of all, you should check the presence of voltage in the network – perhaps the power supply has been turned off throughout the house. If everything is in order, then check the automatic protection on your electrical panel, carefully inspect the terminals and look for a burning place, then disassemble the outlet for a similar inspection.
  • Input check out. There are options when everything is working fine, but there is no current at the input terminals – the reason is the cord plug. The wire may break, or the contact of its fastening has become loose, because of this the stove does not turn on. And now let’s see common types of breakages and their solution:
electric stove burner

Electric stove burner won’t heat up

There are two reasons for this. The first is that the bottom of the cookware is smaller than the diameter of the induction stove or is deformed. The second reason is that the burner block does not fit snugly on the inside of the electric stove. 

When the oven of the electric stove heats up weakly, the main reason lies in the serviceability of the heating element. These heating elements of the stove burners, cannot be repaired – they need to be replaced. Sometimes, which happens very rarely, the thermostat regulating the temperature inside the device can burn out – it is dismantled and a new one is installed.

Breaking of the internal contacts

If the indicators are off, the control buttons and switches do not respond, then the entire stove does not work, not just a single burner. But a specific burner may also have problems with electricity, for example, due to a violation of its wiring.

Terminal block issues

In order to accurately establish the cause, and even more so, to correct it, you need an experienced specialist with the necessary equipment and the electrical circuit of the stove.

Electric stove burner spiral burned out

One of the most common causes of a non-working burner is a burnt out heating element: a spiral or nichrome thread. A burner with a burned out coil will have to be replaced. By the way, in modern stoves, one burnt burner can block the turning on of the entire electric stove.

Heat protection activated

One burner or the entire electric stove may spontaneously turn off due to overheating: thermal protection is activated and the power circuit is broken. But there are many reasons for it to occur: a sensor or temperature controller breakage, a cooling fan has broken.

Call the professional repairman

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