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Whirlpool washer door locked. How to fix it?

washer locked

The Whirlpool washing machine has finished its operation, and the door doesn’t open. What to do? The most practical actions might be:

  • Using the ‘Control Lock’ Button
  • Clamping the ‘End of cycle’ function
  • Switching off the washing machine

However, these are not all ways to eliminate this problem since there are various reasons that led to its occurrence. Conventional washing machines, such as the Whirlpool, are programmed to keep the door closed for a couple of minutes after the end of the wash. But sometimes, the door cannot be opened after a predetermined time. 

And today you will learn about all the reasons and their solutions for this situation. They can be associated with a breakdown of the machine and the conditions of various washing programs. Each of these options has a solution, which you will also see below, so we recommend that you read the article to the end.

whirlpool washer

Reasons why your Whirlpool washer door does not open

A washing machine is a technically complex device. The door lock can be blocked for reasons that you have never even thought about. Here are the main ones:

  • Software blocking of the lock
  • High temperatures protection 
  • Interruptions in the supply of electricity
  • Water does not drain from the device

Now let’s consider these reasons in more detail:

  • Software blocking of the lock. The door may not open because some program has not yet completed its operation. For example, there is no end-of-cycle sound signal on some Whirlpool models, like the Duet washing machine. 
  • Others have a long delay between washing and opening the door. Also, there is protection at high temperatures in more advanced washing machines of this brand. The device waits for the drum to cool down at its end before opening the door.   
  • Interruptions in the supply of electricity. The machine may not open because it was de-energized at the right time. It is worth checking if there is electricity in the house. If it is, check whether the plug is inserted into the socket and whether it is working. Suppose the machine did not open the door due to a power surge. In that case, it must be opened programmatically, which we will talk about later.
  • Water does not drain from the device. If the washer door is blocked, the first thing to know is whether there is water in it. In this situation, the device “sees” the water inside and blocks the lock for security reasons. It does not spill onto the floor when the door is opened. After the drum is empty, the door opens by itself.

Steps to fix a Whirlpool washer door

Follow these steps to open the door:

  1. Sometimes it is enough to wait 2-3 minutes for the washing machine motor to stop, and then the door will open by itself. It happens that the machine “freezes”, and the delay increases in time. If you have selected the high-temperature mode, you should wait until the device cools down. 
  2. When there is still water in the washer, it is enough to set the mode associated with draining the water. Perhaps the lock will unlock automatically after this program. You can also try to do the same if the causes of the problem are not clear.
  3. If there is no water in the device, we recommend that you hold down the Control Lock button. This feature will not activate if the button is not held for 3 consecutive seconds. After that, you will hear a characteristic sound, and you can get things back.
  4. Press and hold the ‘End of cycle‘ button when the washer door remains closed. It bypasses almost any locking mechanism and will reset the washer to open the doors.
  5. In case of failure, you can turn off your washer for a long time (about an hour). Thus, the programming of the washing machine must be completely reset.
  6. The last option is the emergency opening of the washer. Use a flathead screwdriver to release the toe panel (it’s a metal strip), which is located at the bottom of the device. After that, the front panel will be available to you, where the door latch is located. There should be a teardrop-shaped tab at the bottom of the door latch. Just pull it to open the door
call the craftsman

If it is still locked, call the professional craftsman

Here you will need the help of a qualified specialist who will help you give your washer a second life quickly and accurately.

It may be that the problem concerns the malfunction of the structural components, of which the following are most prone to failure:

  • The lid switch. It tells the washing machine when it is safe to move on to the next cycle, especially when that cycle is possibly dangerous (like the spin cycle). If the lid switch is broken, the machine will interpret this as an open lid and will not proceed to the next cycle and, therefore, will not open the washer door.
  • The actuator motor. The power unit rotates the drum, converting electricity into mechanical energy. Its failure (rather during the cycle) stops the operation of the machine, due to which you will not be able to open it.
  • The drain pump. The water may not be able to drain because the pump is clogged. Also, the water does not go away, as there is nowhere due to a clogged drain.
  • The control board. The device ensures the operation of the device, so if the washing machine stops working, there may be a problem in this part of the Whirlpool.

Please keep in mind that a qualified specialist will help you avoid incorrect actions by which you can permanently disable the locking device. In addition, you do not have to look for spare parts for the device, as the craftsman will always find quality ones for your microwave.

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