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when do you need to buy a new washine machine?

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Almost any person who is faced washing machine breakdown will think about:

Is it worth repairing the device at all?

Or should I think about a replacement washer?

How much and how long will the repair cost?

In this article, you will find typical malfunctions and the usual prices for their repair. We will try to help you understand this issue and facilitate such a difficult choice! We will also compare examples of when it is possible to repair it and when it is better to purchase a new one.

Current markets are interspersed with various brands and various types of washers. Each model has many modes of operation and its own set of functions. However, washing machines have a unifying factor – they can break down during their process.

Common washer problems

Water does not heat upThe machine will often give an error code in the absence of water heating. But some models continue to work with a faulty heating element. Sometimes, the water level switch, the control module, or the heater breaks down.
The washing machine has stopped full water, and it does not drainSometimes the washing machine drains water during the rinse, but this does not happen during the spin cycle. Also, this case may be associated with a clogged filter or a faulty pump.
After some service life, the machine began to rattle during the spin cycleIf you hear extraneous noise for the first time, stop washing immediately not to aggravate the difficulty in fixing a broken washer machine. Bearings can cause this problem. Often, manufacturers do not lubricate the oil seal that covers the bearing. Water gets into the part, and it starts to rust.
Water is not pouredA faulty inlet valve or the heating element is most often the cause of the water not being poured.
The drum does not rotateSuch a breakdown often occurs when the machine is overloaded or the drum drive belt breaks. Washing machines with direct drive are not affected by this. With this breakdown, the operation of the engine is often heard. If the running engine is not heard and the drum in the machine does not rotate, it is worth checking the engine for proper operation.
cost to repair washer

Breakdowns that can be repaired

In 90% of cases, we believe that repairing a broken washing machine will be more profitable than buying a new one. You can fix a washing machine yourself or resort to the help of a qualified specialist. Therefore, first of all, inspect the instructions attached to your washing machine.

In the case of the situations described above, you can always find the solution to problems. For example:

  • Bearings. Replacing bearings is a very laborious process in which the washing machine is almost completely disassembled. And yet it will cost you less than new equipment.
  • Water is not poured. The problem seems significant, but in fact, the lock, intake valve, or heating element most likely failed. All these details are not such expensive components.
  • No drum rotation. Perhaps the problem is not even in the technique. The drum will also not rotate due to a power outage to the motor, a non-working outlet, or wire.

When to replace the washing machine

Most washing machines can work smoothly for 11-14 years. But this period can be reduced due to violations of the compliance conditions with all the manufacturer’s recommendations for the machine operation. 

Over time, more and more parts of the machine stop working correctly due to obsolete or wear-out. As a result, after one repair, you can expect the next one soon, which is not very profitable. Nevertheless, you can try to prolong its life and maybe your microwave will last long. 

But how to understand that your washing machine has already outlived its service life?

It is no secret that many factors affect the life of washing machines, among which are:

  • Their manufacturer and quality. The cheaper the washing machine, the lower the quality of its internal components. Accordingly, the user can expect faster wear and tear parts.
  • Composition and hardness of the water. The condition of the heating element, which can fail prematurely, depends on the hardness of the water.
  • Operating conditions. The more often the user uses the washing machine, the faster the device will work out its time.

How much will it cost to repair a washing machine?

According to statistics, the average cost for repairing a washing machine is $175. Of course, easy breakdowns do not exceed the price of $100. But even more severe cases, such as a washing machine pump, the repair cost of which can be up to $450. However, all prices differ from each other, as there are several factors affecting the cost of repairing this equipment:

  • Brand and model of equipment. The cost of spare parts and consumables for well-known brands will be higher than for equipment from manufacturers that few people know about.
  • The complexity of the breakdown. For complex, lengthy repairs of washing machines, prices will be higher.
  • The pricing policy of the repair company. The cost of maintenance, diagnostics, and troubleshooting will depend on which company or master you contact.

Call the professional craftsman

Not every washing machine user can properly repair equipment. Vice versa, without proper knowledge, he can even harm it. Therefore, we invite you to use our services. The company’s team consists of exceptionally qualified repair specialists. We are aware of each model’s strengths and weaknesses and actively use this knowledge in practice to provide reliable equipment service.

  • Quality repair. Experience and high professionalism allow us to quickly and accurately diagnose the cause of the malfunction. In addition, we have at our disposal modern diagnostic equipment and parts from the manufacturer. Furthermore, all of our components and labor come with a warranty
  • Saving time. Be assured that your application will be reviewed as soon as possible. Most often, repairs are handled in your area, and household appliances are delivered to the workshop only in extreme cases, saving our customers time and money.
  • Loyal prices. It is in our interests to meet the needs of the client at reasonable prices in order to make the best impression and build trust.

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