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Ways to fix microwave door that won’t open

fix microwave door

When you put food in the microwave, it warms up as usual, but you cannot get it out because the microwave does not open since the door is locked. Or you are faced with a problem when the door cannot close or does not fit tightly. To fix the microwave door that won’t unlock, you need to:

  • Repair door buttons, springs, hinges, or latches if they are damaged
  • Take the ruler to remove the latch and open the device quickly

Most microwaves last about 10 years, depending on their quality, so sooner or later, the user will face this problem. However, your device can still be returned to service thanks to our short and helpful article. Our information will help understand the root cause of the problem and provide detailed instructions for repairing and unlocking the door.

Reasons why your microwave door is stuck and not opening

These troubles happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes there is a banal failure in the program, or it happens that the cause of the malfunction is more serious. The reasons can include the malfunctions with door buttons, springs, latches, and hinges. Let’s consider these reasons in more detail:

  • Door button. If you have the device without a handle but with a door button like NN-ST955, you can face its malfunctions and notice that the resistance of the button seems different. Also, there may be no resistance at all. Also, one of the weak points is the touch keyboard. The buttons may light up and, at the same time, not work correctly. It means that the board is most likely defective.
  • Door spring. In modern models of microwave ovens, the door has a complex device. The door springs are one of its vulnerabilities. As it is used, it tends to weaken, and subsequently, there may be problems with opening/closing the door wing. In this case, you can not do without replacing the part.
  • Door-side latch.  Although manufacturers use high-quality and durable materials, the mechanisms involved in opening and closing the device’s door are constantly subjected to increased loads. Therefore, another common problem is broken latches. When the door is closed, these elements cling to the lock rods. To open, the user needs to press the handle, and at this moment, the latches are disengaged.
  • Hinges.  There are also particular hinges on the outside of the door, which are involved in the opening/closing mechanism. Over time, they wear out and break. It is another vulnerability, so you should pay attention to them if you have problems opening the door.  
  • How to Troubleshoot the Microwave Door
  • It takes experience to solve an issue with a closed microwave door. Therefore, we strongly do not recommend undertaking repairs if you are not confident in your abilities. Diagnosing and solving the problem consists of the following steps:
  • De-energize the appliance or find a faulty element. If the microwave oven does not open, before unlocking the door, it is necessary to de-energize the appliance by pulling the plug from the power outlet. The usual main reasons for a microwave not opening are the hinges or latches of the door lock system. Just try gently, without excessive stress, and slightly open the door to find a faulty element. Such a simple operation will help determine exactly where the jamming occurred.
  • Eliminate a software failure. This trouble is also possible. Therefore, after you have turned off the device by unplugging it and waiting 10 minutes, and then you can try turning it on and off again. If the problem was in the program, the door would unlock.
  • Remove the frame and force the door from the inside to open it. In cases where a breakdown was found in the hinge mechanism, you need to remove the frame and force the door from the inside to open the microwave. To do this, use a screwdriver to loosen the mounting screws and carefully remove the frame. After gaining access to the fasteners, worn parts should be changed. Sometimes it may be necessary to remove the protective cover of the microwave.
  • Remove the microwave control panel and inspect it for signs of damage. When it comes to problems with the button, you should remove the microwave control panel and inspect it for signs of damage, after which, if necessary, replace it with a new one. The same algorithm should be done with the touch panel. Be careful when disconnecting the panel cable from the module. You should also test the board with a multimeter. Use conductive glue to repair damaged traces on the board.
  • Unscrew the broken lock design and install a new one. If the problem is in the locking mechanism, then after the previous step, it is necessary to unscrew the broken lock design (the diagram of its fastening must be in the microwave oven instructions) and install a new one in its place. It is also possible that the contacts have disconnected from the key. They must be returned to their original place.
microwave door troubleshooting

If the microwave door still won’t open

It is important to remember that when the door can’t be opened, it is better not to make an effort to open it. As a result, a broken mechanism will significantly increase the cost of repairs or bring the device to a state of complete unsuitability for further operation. For the emergency opening, you should:

  1. Disconnect the microwave from power and place it on a hard horizontal surface
  2. Take a metal ruler (plastic will not work, it may not withstand the load)
  3. Insert the ruler into the gap between the body and the door, lift the jammed latch, and do the same with the second latch.

Then you can look for the cause of the malfunction and change the broken part or call the master for repair. Please keep in mind that a qualified specialist will help you avoid incorrect actions by which you can permanently disable the locking device. In addition, you do not have to look for spare parts for the device, as the craftsman will always find quality ones for your microwave.

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