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Ways to clean your oven right

clean the oven

Dirt accumulates in the oven and, after a while, makes itself known with an already caked layer of soot, which is difficult to remove by simply wetting a sponge in soapy water.

To get rid of this, people eliminate the dirt with the help of acids and chemical detergents. These are effective but harmful.

Instead, we offer you a safe oven cleaning method that will remove all the layers of dirt built up over time without using hazardous chemicals.

The most important thing to remember before you start cleaning your oven is safety. Your stove must be turned off and cooled, and these precautions should not be skipped.

Here is what you should know about cleaning options for your oven, how to clean it without too much effort, and, foremost, how to do so safely.

Oven cleaning steps

Follow these points to clean your oven correctly:

  • Observe safety precautions

Make sure your oven is off and cold – this is a simple rule that will keep you safe while cleaning your furnace.

  • Prepare a detergent

The best detergent for cleaning your furnace is a solution of half a glass of baking soda and a couple of tablespoons of water. Make a paste and use it as a powder. Soda can be replaced with ammonia.

  • Apply the solution to the oven

Wear rubber gloves and apply this powder to your furnace. Let it sit for 12 hours. At this time, you can also apply the detergent paste to other furniture, such as racks.

  • Wipe the surface

After applying the detergent to your oven’s surface, it will not be difficult for you to wash it. Take a sponge dampened with water and wipe the dirt, which should easily come off the surface of your furnace. Try to avoid using a metal spatula because this may damage oven coating. 

  • Apply some vinegar to the surface

To make your furnace even more clean and shiny, spray some white vinegar on the surface of your oven.

  • Wipe the surface again

To finally remove all residues of detergent paste and vinegar, wipe everything again with a damp clean sponge several times until you no longer feel the detergent in the oven with your hand.

  • Wipe down your oven racks

After you have cleaned the oven, clean the racks on it.

oven cleaning

How to clean oven racks?

As we have already said, while you have applied the paste to the oven’s surface, it’s time to start cleaning the furnace racks – the nastiest part of the cleaning.

To wash furnace racks, follow these steps:

  • Fill a container with water appropriate for the size of your racks and dilute a small amount of detergent in it.
  • Place the furnace racks in this container and leave it alone for a few hours.
  • Use a sponge or rag to scrub your shelving until it’s clean.
  • Rinse off the detergent with a sponge soaked in water.

How to clean oven handles?

To wash your furnace handles, follow these points:

  • Use detergents that are not too liquid when washing oven handles, as this may impair the oven’s functionality.
  • Apply a small amount of effective cleaner to the handles with a sponge and scrub away dirt and grease.
  • Thoroughly rinse off the stronger furnace surface cleaner after the detergent.
  • If possible, periodically wipe the oven handles.
cleaning stove

How to keep the oven clean for a long time?

We have also prepared some recommendations on how to keep your oven clean for a long time. To do this, you will have to follow a few rules:

  • Use a dish lid or foil when cooking in the furnace

This must be done so that splashes from food during cooking do not splatter on the surface of the stove.

  • Use a baking sheet

Do not just put your dishes straight in the oven, but place them on a baking sheet. Thus, if the food starts to drip or pour, it will do so on a baking sheet and not directly into the oven.

  • Use a catalytic pad or high-temperature pyrolytic function

These features are available in many modern ovens, and you should take advantage of them as it will be an additional cleaning of your oven.

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