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Replace a Refrigerator Water Filter

refrigerator water filter

You realize you can’t use the same filter indefinitely, right? Sooner or later, it will lose its purification properties, and it will need to be replaced. You don’t have to do it very often, usually about one time in 6 or 8 months. This is the advice given by all manufacturers. But if you find that the water or ice tastes strange, or is not clean enough, try changing the filter earlier. In 95% of cases, the problem will be in the filter. 

Have you ever had to replace your refrigerator’s water filter? If you have, you know it can be a pain. You have to take all of the food out of the fridge, unplug it, and then remove the old filter. It’s not exactly a fun task. But did you know that replacing your water filter is something that you can do yourself? In this article, we’ll show you how to replace your refrigerator water filter. We’ll also provide some tips on how to make the process easier. So if you need to replace a new refrigerator water filter, read on!

How the water filter works

The water filter in the refrigerator is a type of system which initially cleans running water from various impurities (including undesirable chemical elements) and then fills a special container where water is cooled and available for consumption. Most refrigerators also have an ice maker connected to this system, which fills with filtered water and dispenses ready-made ice to cool drinks.

If you use an expired filter for a long time, the concentration of harmful bacteria at some point reaches a threshold value, after which the water filter begins to self-clean, that is, simply give them back. Simply put, the water from the filter will be worse than tap water. In general, a dirty and old filter should not be used by anyone.

In order not to use different water filters in each refrigerator, the manufacturers decided to make them only two types: plug-in and screw-on.

How are they different? It’s quite simple and primitive, you just have to insert one until it clicks in, the other one screws in. Their water purification properties are the same. 

The first thing we recommend you do is to take care in advance about turning off the water flow to the refrigerator. Purchase a new filter in advance at a store or on a popular buying and selling website. Now you can change the filter.

Plug-in Filters

It is not difficult to find a plug-in refrigerator water filter. Most likely it is in the front of the refrigerator on the bottom grid, in some models, it is inside the refrigerator or on the top of the refrigerator. To replace the plug-in filter:

Step 1: First, press the filter button and remove the filter. If there is no button, press gently on the filter, and it will be released. 

Step 2: Take the old filter and remove the cover and place it on the new filter.

Step 3: Then carefully put the new filter in place until it is fixed there.

Screw-on water filters

The screw-on water filters are usually located at the front of the fridge (behind the bottom grid). If it’s not there, look inside the refrigerator at the bottom or the top corner on the right side. To replace the screw-on filter:

Step 1: Turn the filter to the left side, up to 90 degrees, and remove it from the case. 

Step 2: Remove the filter cover from the old filter and place it on the new one.

Step 3: Put the new filter back in, turn it 90 degrees to the right side, and it will be fixed.

new water filter

Flush the New Water Filter

The common refrigerator water filters contain granular activated carbon. That’s why as soon as you turn on the flow of water after the installation of a new filter, the water may turn gray and there may be black specks in it. Such water is safe for the human organism, but I doubt that you would want to drink it.

To keep your water and ice clean, we recommend draining about two gallons of water. Don’t rush to pour out all of the drained water, you may use it to water your houseplants.

That’s it, now you’ll have clean, clear, purified ice and delicious clean refrigerator water. And do not forget that after some time the filter will need to be replaced again.  

What if I can’t change my water filter myself? 

Don’t worry, if you can’t do it, you are perfectly capable of using an appliance repair service. They will help you change your old filter for a new one. The Atlas service is open daily except for Sundays. You can leave a request online, which is extremely convenient.

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