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My dryer is not spinning. How to fix it?

fix your dryer

Dryer owners can face trouble when their dryer is not spinning. There are several reasons for this: 

  • Broken drum rollers 
  • Broken belt 
  • Motor failure

If the problem consists of broken drum rollers, you can fix the appliance by yourself. However, it is better to call a repair service when it comes to motor breakdowns. 

Sometimes, we just forget about simple but lifesaving measures. Before starting, ensure you unplug the power to prevent electric shock. 

In this article, we have collected the most common reasons for malfunctioning and offered advice on how to cope with it.

Common reasons why your dryer is not spinning

The following are the most common reasons your dryer is not spinning and should be paid attention to when you disassemble your appliance: 

  • There is no power supply 

This is a trivial reason, but still, it has a place here. The cord could fall out of the socket, and because of the furniture that surrounds your equipment, you could miss it.

Also, the cord from the dryer can be damaged, and this can also cause trouble with the device.

  • Switched off the circuit breaker 

If you have made sure that your machine is connected to power and the cord is not damaged, you need to check the circuit breaker. It could be switched off for technical reasons and could be why your dryer doesn’t spin.

  • Blown thermal fuse

Another reason could be associated with overheating of the machine. For example, there was a power surge, and so the thermal fuse protected your equipment, preventing it from breaking down or even catching fire.

  • Broken door switch

If your door switch doesn’t work properly or doesn’t work at all, this could also be the cause of your trouble.

  • Damaged dryer belt

The belt rotates the drum. If the belt breaks, this can cause the rotation to stop. Inspect your belt and determine if it is damaged. To check the belt integrity, rotate the drum with your hands, and if it turns too easily, it means that the belt is worn out. 

Let’s assume that the drum is rotating. However, after the cycle, if your laundry is still wet or if you hear a weird knocking noise when the drum rotates, this is also a signal that you should check the belt. 

If you find that your belt has broken, the best option is to contact a technician to replace it with a new one. 

  • Broken drum rollers

Drum rollers are small wheels that help the drum stay fixed. If they get stuck or don’t spin freely, this could also be why your machine is not working properly.

  • Faulty drum axles

Broken axles don’t let the drum rollers turn properly – this may cause the dryer to stop. Inspect the axles of your rollers; if they wobble as they rotate, it means they are damaged. 

  • Drum bearing problems

The drum bearing supports the rear of the drum. While your belt is removed, try to spin the drum by hand. If the drum is seizing or squeaking, it means that the bearing is damaged or broken.

  • Dryer motor failure

Another reason may be a breakdown of the engine, which makes it impossible to scroll the dryer.

dryer is not spinning

How to fix the problem?

Some failures are fairly easy to fix, but for some, you need to contact the service center. Let’s go through what you should do if your dryer doesn’t spin:

  • Dryer disconnected from the power supply

Check the dryer’s power connection. Check the integrity of all cords and plugs. Perhaps by completing the first point, you will solve your problem!

  • Switched off circuit breaker 

Check the circuit breaker. To do this, check the box with circuit breakers; they must be turned on.

  • Blown thermal fuse

Check the thermal fuseAlternatively, as a result of a power surge or other failure, your equipment began to overheat, and the thermal fuse worked, which saved it from breakdown and fire.

Replace the fuse, but you should pay attention to whether the dryer is overheating, which turns on the thermal fuse. If it systematically overheats, this is a fire hazard, and it threatens the dryer to melt itself. Try to find out the cause of your dryer overheating or contact a technician.

  • Broken door switch

Fix the door switch. Check the plastic pin on the door switch. If it clicks, then everything is in order. If it is bent – your task is to try to straighten it.

If you think everything is in order with the peg, but the problem is not solved, change the door switch.

  • Damaged drum rollers

Replace drum rollers. To check if you have problems with the drum rollers – open the dryer door and look at its back wall. If there is a distance between it and the wall – install new rollers.

There is another way to check the operation of the drum rollers. To do this, disconnect the dryer from the power supply, then remove the belt from the dryer and turn the drum manually. If the rollers get stuck or turn tough, replace them.

  • Faulty drum axles

Replace roller axles. Remove the top cover or back of the dryer and inspect your roller axles. If they wobble, replace them with new ones.

  • Drum bearing problems

Buy a new bearing. If you check the bearing and find out that it does not work – you need to buy a new bearing.

  • Dryer motor failure

Replace motor. If, even after replacing the bearing, your drum does not rotate, you must replace the motor. 

If you are faced with this problem, call a specialist that will help you check the motor and replace it if needed.

broken belt
broken dryer belt

How to remove a broken dryer belt?

Another common cause why your dryer is not spinning can be a broken dryer belt. To inspect the integrity of your belt, open the dryer door and try to turn the toggle switch – a large and round drum – with your hands. If it spins too easily, you need to replace the dryer belt.

Follow the instructions below to replace the drive belts:

  • Unplug the machine from the power supply.
  • Disconnect the air duct from the machine. If you find it difficult to disconnect the machine from a metal pipe or a home electrical system, it is better to use the services of an expert. Do not loosen or disconnect the gas pipe as this may cause fire, gas leakage and other dire consequences.
  • Move the dryer to a convenient location in your house to make it easier for you to repair your machine.
  • Take off the top cover and side panels of the machine;
  • Take away the control panel;
  • Remove the door and the front of the chassis;
  • Put a new belt on the end of the pulley, take off the tension spring and put the belt in place;
  • Pull the spring down and return it to where it should be.

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