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How to Replace Extension Garage Door Springs

garage door extension springs

A garage is a place to store not only a car but also many valuable things, so the garage doors must always be securely closed. However, sometimes garage doors also require repair and replacement of essential parts. One of these essential parts is the extension spring. To change them, you need to follow these steps:

  • Get a new pair of springs;
  • Prepare the garage door;
  • Remove old springs;
  • Detach the lift cable;
  • Detach the safety cable;
  • Attach the safety cable;
  • Attach a lift cable;
  • Perform the final installation.

Replacing extension springs can be a hassle, but don’t be in a hurry to panic. Just call the master, who has an experience in such type of work and all the necessary tools. But if you want to replace the details independently you can use our tips. And now let’s look at the instructions on how you can do this.

When do you need to replace extension springs?

Signs that your garage door springs are worn out or broken:

  • Your door has become very difficult to open and close.
  • You hear the door tense as you try to lift it.
  • The door slams shut.
  • You hear a loud sound like a gunshot.
  • The automatic door opener does not open it. And manually you cannot do it, or you need to make too much effort to open the door.

The springs are not repairable. If one of the springs is broken or worn out, you will need to replace both springs. 

Some important points in working with garage doors

If you find that your springs demand a replacement, you have to follow the safety precautions consisting of these points:

  • Do not disconnect the garage door opener by pulling the red emergency release handle while the door is open. In this case, the door may collapse.
  • Do not leave the door open when the spring is broken, as someone may try to close it without knowing that the spring is broken. This is a dangerous situation.
  • If you need to leave the door open, clamp it on both sides with heavy objects and disable the garage door opener.
  • Close the door with the opener if you are sure there is nothing next to it.
  • Ask someone you know to hold the door while you deal with the springs. It is the best thing you can do to keep yourself and those around you safe.
extension springs

Steps to replace garage door extension springs

Let’s take a closer look at the steps following which you can easily change the springs for your garage:

  • Get a new pair of springs

Buy a pair of extension-type springs in advance. They are usually sold for 7 or 8-foot doors. It can be a single pair of garage door springs or a kit including cable, pulley, and brackets. Check all the components necessary for the complete operation of the garage door. If any parts are worn out, buy a kit and replace all components.

  • Prepare the garage door

Open your doors completely. And fix them by C-clamps in the open position. Block the bottom of the door with a bracket, and turn off the automatic door opener.

  • Remove old springs

Unscrew the spring from the bracket that holds it behind the door track.

  • Detach the lift cable

Disconnect the lift cable from the bracket. You have to disconnect the cable where it connects to the door rail above the door opening. Unscrew the pulley from the spring and remove the cable.

  • Detach the safety cable

Detach the safety cable going through the spring. You must have managed to remove the spring from the garage door. Now you need to repeat steps 3, 4, and 5 in order to remove the second spring.

  • Attach the safety cable

Attach the safety cable the way it has been before removing it. You need to go it through the spring and attach the ends to the brackets to do this.

  • Attach a lift cable

Attach one end of the new spring to the door track and another one to the movable pulley. The cable should pass through the bracket at the bottom of the door, go up the fixed pulley, and return to the bracket of the door track. In the end, stretch the spring a little as you attach the cable to the track bracket.

  • Perform the final installation

Apply a little gate grease to the springs and connect the automatic door opener. Then remove the clips and test the functionality of the doors.

We have provided you with instructions for replacing extension springs. Still, but if you cannot do this, call the repairman.

garage door springs

It is better to call the craftsman

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