Guide to repairing GE refrigerator error codes

ge refrigerator repair

Thanks to the touch screen on the GE refrigerator, you can see exactly the reason that has affected the operation of the refrigerator. Any malfunctions have their own system of distinguishing letters – refrigerator error – which we will give in the table.

General Electric is a great American refrigerator brand. These fridges attract consumers’ attention with their stylish design and high build quality. But even the most modern fridge can be broken for some reason.

A strong power surge can cause a failure, for example, of a motor compressor or a start-up relay. Sometimes, the fridge compartment fails, but the freezer continues to work. The temperature can rise gradually or become warmer in less than a couple of hours. It is almost impossible to repair this breakdown on your own, but the information in this post will help you control the work of the master and not let yourself be deceived when performing repairs.

All GE refrigerator fault codes

Knowing the code’s meaning will help you identify faults in your fridge:

Refrigerator fault codes

Causes of errors


Failure of the temperature controller of the refrigeration compartment.


Failure of the ice maker.


Malfunctions in the defrosting system during the last 48 hours.


Malfunctions in the defrosting system for the last 24 hours.


The temperature of the freezer is too warm.


Fridge power is off or not working the right way.

ge refrigerators error codes

How to fix GE refrigerators?

If clicks, knocking when turning on / off, or errors begin to appear more and more often, this device signals that GE refrigerator repair is needed. Let’s look at each error and how to solve it in more detail.

FF and CC errors

As we already know, both refrigerator errors mean problems with the temperature regime inside the fridge and freezer. Namely, it’s rising.

Errors fixing methods:

  1. Select “System Check” to see all problems. Often, these errors can be related to power supply problems. If you see a PF problem, you need to pay attention to it to eliminate temperature fluctuations.
  2. Check the fridge door. It may not be closed tightly enough. So, to fix the problem, you need to repair the door or replace the gasket. Warm air can enter the fridge through a worn gasket.

CI error

This refrigerator error indicates problems in the operation of the ice maker, namely the inability to make ice.

Error fixing methods:

  1. Check if your ice maker is clean inside. Something may be blocking the dispenser or a large amount of ice left. Remove the ice build up with a non-sharp object so as not to damage the compartment. It may prevent the device from working properly.
  2. Inspect the water supply. It must be connected. Turn off the ice maker if you need to stop the water supply. This will fix future problems.
  3. Check the system for other faults with “System Check”. If the above methods do not help, you may need to replace the ice maker unit.

DF error

The problem occurs when the defrost system works improperly or is broken for 48 hours.

Error fixing methods:

  1. Check the heater, thermostat and timer in the defrost system. If they are damaged, they should be replaced.
  2. Check the system to see if any other errors affect the defrost operation.

DE error

The refrigerator error appears in case of malfunctions in the defrost system. It doesn’t work properly during the last 24 hours. 

Error fixing methods:

  1. The easiest but often most effective way is to turn off and on the fridge again. Do not forget to disconnect all wires of the defrosting system.
  2. Check wires and defrost the heater. Perhaps they are out of order or damaged. In this case, they must be replaced.

PF error

This refrigerator error appears when there are problems with the electricity supply.

Error fixing methods:

  1. Check the power cord. Is it damaged or out of date? If you see obvious signs of a broken power cord, you should carefully unplug it and replace it with a new one.
  2. It is also worth checking the electrical socket. It should also be replaced if there are visible problems.
  3. If you do not find any problems with the socket or power cord, try unplugging the fridge from the socket for a few minutes.
  4. If the problem still appears after switching on, choose the “System Check” to see additional errors.

Call the professional craftsman

If you could not fix the errors when repairing the GE refrigerator yourself, the reasons lie deeper. It is necessary to contact only a proven master so that the fridge equipment can be operated after a breakdown without fear that it will soon be broken again.

Contacting Atlas Appliances Repair is a guarantee that the broken fridge will work again. A professional master will help to cope with a wide range of problems (mechanical, electronic, electrical). Most breakdowns are fixed the same day, regardless of their nature and level of complexity.


There may be several reasons:

  • unstable power supply;
  • problems with the socket or wiring;
  • loose gasket;
  • broken fridge door.

Check your fridge for these features. If you are unable to fix them yourself, contact the service centre.

GE refrigerators have a touch panel that displays error codes. Knowing the code’s meaning will help you identify faults in your fridge. Read more about GE refrigerator fault codes in our post.

Any fridge has its drawbacks. The disadvantages of GE fridges are a rather loud operation, motor heating, and excessive condensate.

It depends on the activity and quality of use. In general, they last from 10 to 20 years. If you regularly check the fridge and keep it clean, it will serve you much longer.

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