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Common reasons why your oven doesn’t heat up

oven doesn't heat up

When you want to prepare fragrant and absolutely delicious chicken with spicy garlic sauce for a family party, you definitely need an oven. And, when you start to prepare and adjust the thermostat to the right mode, you notice that something goes wrong and your oven  doesn’t heat up. So, what to do? 

  • First, find out what temp is maintained in your furnace and whether it matches the one that should be. To do this, you need to install a temp probe in your furnace, set your thermostat to about 350° F, and then wait a bit and check if the temp is being maintained as it should be or should it be settled.

There are several reasons why your electric or gas oven is not heating up, and we’ll tell you about this in our article, as well as give some tips on how to refurbish this breakage yourself.

Make sure that you follow all safety rules before you start fixing your oven. Turn off the gas and electricity connected to the stove, but first, check what it is running on.

Reasons why gas or electric oven isn’t heating up

Let’s look at the main reasons why your oven may not maintain the temp that you need and also analyze a few more non-obvious points that you should pay attention to when looking for the causes of problems with the oven.

Malfunction of the heating element

Firstly, revise the heating elements and promote the baking process. They’re located on the bottom of the oven and serve for frying.

To designate if there is trouble with any of the elements, check the elements, if it works, it will phosphoresce red.

Injured electrics

If the electric oven is not heating up but is using the improper temp, there is feasibly trouble with the electricity flowing through the wires that connect the elements.

Faulty temp transducer or furnace light

Furnaces control heating with a temperature transducer, a digital display or bulbs with a temp transducer.

If the transducer doesn’t function or the light bulb is burned out, your furnace may not heat up or have the temp you need.

The igniter in the furnace is not connected

The igniter is located on the back of the furnace, a problem with the furnace igniter can be seen by measuring power incessancy.

Don’t forget to check the gas safety valve.

Broken thermostat or switch

Revise these two furnace components and substitute them if it’s required.

The furnace isn’t calibrated

If the temp inside your furnace, or if your furnace is too hot, the problem may be that it needs to be calibrated.

The relay in your furnace is broken.

Usually, furnaces with two heating elements have two relays, for a while, the relays may be out of order and this may cause your oven not to heat up.

There are three the most confusing reasons:

oven not heat up

Fuse problems

If there were voltage problems, the fuse could react to it. This fact can be checked by looking at the position of the toggle switch, which is located on the service panel. If it is between the “on” and “off” positions, then the problem with your furnace is in the fuse.

Adjust handles

Your stove may have knobs to control the furnace, if they are in the wrong position or in the wrong place, this can also be the cause of your problems.

Door lever releases hot air

If your furnace is equipped with a self-cleaning function, a malfunction may have occurred and the door stopped closing completely, due to which hot air began to escape outside the oven, and inside it could no longer be maintained at the temp you need.

How to fix such issues with your oven?

Let’s take a closer look at what can be done to revamp the reasons why your gas or electric oven is not heating up:

  1. You need a replacement oven heating element if they aren’t working.
  2. After the replacement oven heating element, inspect the wires that connect one element to another. Take a voltage meter to do it.
  3. If you are convinced that the trouble is the furnace sensor or the temp sensor lamp, substitute a non-functional element, but before making it, test the heating elements and wires.
  4. The next step is fixing the igniter of the furnace. If it has broken, substitute it. It’s situated on the back of the furnace, measuring the incessancy of power, using a multimeter, applying one wire end to one cleat and another to the second one. Indicators must be in the range of 0 to 1100 ohms. If you get different readings, then replace the igniter for your furnace.
  5. If your furnace temp is not set, fix it. To do this, look for the clock face for temp adjustment placed on the back of the temperature readjustment panel. Locate the helix on the clock face and twist it counterclockwise to reduce the temp and clockwise to do it lower. Half a turnover is about 25 degrees.
  6. If you still have voltage problems and you see this in the position of the toggle switch, first lower the toggle switch to the “off” position, then raise it to the “on” position. Your oven should work properly. If the fuse frequently responds to voltage problems, contact an electrician.
  7. As we have already said, one of the not so obvious problems can be incorrectly installed knobs for controlling the furnace. For example, you may have recently washed your furnace and installed the handles on the hob incorrectly, causing problems with the furnace. Correct the position of your handles and your problem will be solved.
  8. If your furnace has a self-cleaning feature, make sure the door lever is in the open position. After correcting this problem, test the operation of your furnace.

Call the professional craftsman

If our advice did not bring results and you aren’t sure that you are able to cope with breakdowns of the furnace on your own, we commend you call a specialist that fixes appliances.

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Among the excellence of Atlas Appliances Repair, one can note fast and accurate diagnostics and advice on possible options for repairing equipment.

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