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Clothes Dryer Repair Guide

dryer repair guide

People often use clothes dryer, as it is convenient and practical; moreover, the appliance is a simple mechanism consisting of an engine and a fan, which also blows air over it. 

However, nothing lasts forever, and often the dryer breaks. Today, we are going through some common clothes dryer problems and ways to solve them. 

Most frequently, the breakdown of the clothes dryer occurs due to lint or a broken electrical cord, though other important parts of the machine, such as a timer, motor, thermostat, etc., can also break.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that before repairing, you must take into account the fact that gas dryers have a shut-off valve on the gas line. You must turn it off before work and be careful if there are open wires somewhere on the dryer or not far from it.

So, whether you’re dealing with a broken dryer or just want to ensure it functions properly, read on for helpful information.

Common problems with clothes dryer

The causes of malfunctions in the dryer’s operation are completely different. To find out the reasons and causes of malfunction, first, check the voltage level in the house and all plugs are connected to the outlets. Few people notice such things, but frequently, it is the main reason household appliances do not function. 

Consider in detail the frequent causes of dryer breaks and methods for their elimination:

  • Check the fuse

If all plugs are connected to the outlets, and still, an appliance doesn’t work, check the voltage in your house; it can be a power surge. Perhaps, a thermal fuse is blown due to a power outage. This can happen as a result of a power surge or power outage, and the fuse is a part that protects the clothes dryer from fire. In this case, you just need to change the fuse itself. It costs not so much and is available in the store. It requires no effort to replace. The average price for a set of 10 fuses is about $6.

  • Door switch adjustment

Clothes dryers require a door switch, and they are prone to various breakdowns or, as is often the case, are covered with lint, which should be removed by dipping a cotton swab in the alcohol to clean the contact pads.

  • Check the rubber belt

If your dryer is getting hot but the drum isn’t spinning, it’s worth checking the rubber belt that connects the motor to the drum. If you see damage on it, replace it with a new one. A new belt for your dryer will cost about $9.

dryer repair
  • Temperature sensor

If your clothes dryer runs for a short time, for example, about 5 minutes and then turns off, the problem could be with the thermostat.

Check the operation of your thermistor using a voltage meter. Also, you have to check the element and the timer to see if they are receiving power. If your fuse is blown, replace it with a new one. A new temperature sensor will cost about $1.

  • Try to find the cause of the noise that the clothes dryer is making

If your clothes dryer makes a knock or noise, stop its operation and explore. Perhaps, there are any small items, like coins, phone or wrappers in the pockets, or just buckles hitting the drum. 

If there are no items in the drum that could be the cause of the noise, try to level your dryer. This can be done by adjusting the feet of the dryer or moving it to a plane surface, as well as properly spreading the load of laundry.

If your dryer makes a screeching noise, it seems that the drum bearings have failed. This problem can be solved by technicians who can replace the parts better. When replacing these parts, it is required to disassemble the machine completely.

  • Worth checking the filter

If your clothes take too long to dry and contain lint after taking them out of the dryer, you need to clean the filter. It may be filled with debris and hair, and there is no airflow. This makes the clothes dryer take much longer to dry. After cleaning the filter, use a cloth dampened with a small amount of alcohol to clean the electronic moisture sensors, which are located inside the drum and look like one or two metal strips. This item is significant because if the issue was a clogged filter, installing a new one, the laundry would dry quickly enough, and most importantly, you will prevent a fire.

  • Check the ventilation of the dryer

One more reason why the process of drying takes a lot of time is the ventilation shelf of the dryer. Take a brush of a suitable size and clean your dryer vent.

If you followed all recommendations and still have the problem, it could be a serious malfunction that may lie in the dryer’s electric wiring. It’s time to call a home appliance maintenance specialist to determine the cause of the problem and fix it.

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