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Broken Microwave. Replace or buy a new one?

broken microwave

Often, many of us do not even try to figure out the problem of a breakdown and immediately go to the store for a new device. But you can save a lot by opting for microwave repair. Therefore, we recommend learning about the most common malfunctions and how to fix the machine. We are confident that our article will help you find the correct answer “Repair or replace microwave?”.

Improper operation and careless appliance handling are the main causes of most microwave oven breakdowns. Factory defects usually make themselves known even before the warranty period has expired. So they can be repaired free of charge at an authorized service center. If the warranty has been far beyond, the owner of the broken microwave can choose one of two scenarios:

  • The device is either repaired independently or by a qualified specialist.
  • You buy a new one and probably spend more money that way.

Common microwave problems

ProblemsReasonsWhat can you try to do
Sparks are coming from the microwave.The mica gasket has broken. It is either due to waterlogging after washing or a thick layer of fat accumulated on the mica. Also, metal utensils and small (not larger than an apple) portions of heated food cause huge damage to the gasket. This breakdown will almost certainly adversely affect other device elements with the further operation.It is better not to replace the gasket yourself – this may adversely affect the door hinges. It makes sense to replace the plate or take the oven for repair.
The enameling burned or collapsedThe integrity of the enamel coating has been compromised because of the gross user actions. If you are sure that no one in the house has scratched the compartment with a knife, it may be a factory defect in the enamel.Continued use of the microwave is dangerous as a breach in the enamel can cause a fire.It is urgent to contact the service center.
The microwave does not heatThe following signs are observed:the voltage in the network fell below 220 volts;the relay on the control board fails;overheated magnetron;the high voltage fuse is blown;Replacement of any of these components is only possible under professional service conditions.
Buttons or touchpads do not workThe reasons for this may be the following:the touchpad gasket is worn out;the cable connecting the control panel with the rest of the furnace components is broken loose or burned out;It is required a complete replacement of the control components for microwave fixing.
The microwave makes terrible noises during operationMost likely, the matter is in the fan. It has partially shifted from the rotation axis or damaged one of the blades. But one should not exclude the option of damaging the high-voltage diode, which has begun to make sounds of current fluctuations due to a voltage surge.You need to call the craftsman.
The display does not turn onThe display cable is broken loose or burned out, due to which its communication with the control module is interrupted.The display cable must be soldered back or replaced with a new one.
repair microwave
When to repair your microwave?
There are other problems with the operation of the microwave, which are less common but cause discomfort to the owner. These inconveniences can really be solved on your own. Less common microwave oven failures include:
The backlight does not work. As a rule, the backlight comes on when the appliance door is opened or during heating. In theory, you can independently replace a light bulb with its high-quality counterpart. But be careful since the very process of removing it from the device wall can lead to new breakdowns.
The plate does not rotate or rotate unevenly. Most likely, grease or water got into the sump motor. Turn off the power to the microwave, remove the plate from the chamber and leave the door open for 2-3 hours at room temperature. Perhaps the liquid will evaporate, and it will start running again. You can also clean up the rollers. If this does not bring any results, it is worth checking if the microwave plate motor is working. If it burned out, you need to replace it with a new one.
The fan has stopped working. If the appliance turns on and off by itself, there may be a ventilation problem. It is necessary to completely clean the cooling grating and regular channels and then start the microwave oven again to eliminate the breakdown.
The microwave is not working. It happens that the outlet fails. So if your microwave oven does not show signs of life, it makes sense to check the outlet first. To do this, take any other electrical appliance and connect it.
How much will it cost to repair a microwave oven?
Microwave repair costs vary from $50 to $400, including craftsman’s work and parts purchase. In general, this repair cost depends on the following factors:
Valuation for the work of a serviceman. Each appliance repair company evaluates its services differently. We believe that our Atlas Apliances Repair organization has approached this issue more loyally.
The complexity of the breakdown. For complex, lengthy repairs, prices will be higher.
The cost of spare parts. On the market you can find many brands of microwave ovens, some of them are more expensive, some are cheaper. Accordingly, the more expensive the segment of the device you have chosen, the more costly the purchase of spare parts.

When to replace your microwave?

The most proper reason to buy a new microwave is the very long service life of your old one – 10 years or more. It is the average lifespan of a microwave. Over time, more and more parts of the machine stop working correctly due to obsolete or wear-out. As a result, after one repair, you can expect the next one soon, which is not very profitable. Nevertheless, you can try to prolong its life and maybe your microwave will last long. 

In other situations, you should pay attention to:

  • The complexity of the breakdown. After reading the descriptions above, you might think that all breakdowns are of increased complexity, but this is not so. In fact, each of these faults is easy to fix. They can go critical when the microwave has been working in an emergency state for a long time. There is a risk that another device component could be damaged in these cases, which means that repairs will be more expensive.
  • Your financial situation. You can buy a very cheap microwave when you don’t have enough money for an expensive and high-quality one. But where is the guarantee that it will not become unusable in the early lifetime? Especially if you have a broken microwave of an average price, then it might be better to fix it.

If you need microwave repair, we can help you

Repairing a microwave oven is almost impossible without specific skills, knowledge, and tools because the whole microwave ceases to function even if the simplest element fails. In this case, it is necessary to resort to the help of highly qualified professionals, which we are.

What makes us stand out from the rest?

  • The quality of our services is essential to us, and we do our best to do our job 100% so that every client is satisfied. Specialists are always ready not only to fix but also to explain, help, and offer preventive methods to prevent malfunctions in the future.
  • The knowledge of employees, modern equipment, and new spare parts allows us to service your equipment reliably and quickly. Therefore, you do not have to wait in line on the day of the application because the service promptly helps all customers.
  • After analyzing the market of services for the repair of household appliances, we are guaranteed to say that you will find reasonable prices with our service. Furthermore, all of our components and labor come with a warranty.

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